Prepare Development Environment

  • Prepare your local environment with recommended tools:
    • GIT
    • Docker
    • DevContainer compatible IDE (e.g.: VSCode)
  • Clone GIT repository
# Create the main repository
git clone
# Clone additional collection repositories as needed under <YOUR_PROJECTS_PATH>/collections/serdigital64
  • Adjust environment variables to reflect your configuration:
# Copy environment definition files from templates:
cp dot.local .local
cp dot.secrets .secrets
# Review and update content for both files
  • The environment is now ready. From now use the following script to load environment variables:
source ./bin/dev-set

Update source code

  • CLI:
    • Add/Edit source code in: src/cli
  • Ansible Collections
    • Work on the collection repository using it's own development branch
  • Buildin and test: use included devcontainer: ubuntu-22.04-dev-ansible