Script: ap64


Command line interface for the A:Platform64 environment.

Command Line Interface

Usage: ap64 <-i|-j|-c|-o|-r|-u|-l|-n|-t|-k> [-s Site] [-x Host] [-p Playbook] [-e Collection|-f Package] [-b Root] [-d Var] [-g User] [-h]

A:Platform64 command line interface


  -i           : Install A:Platform64
  -j           : Bootstrap A:Platform64
  -c           : Create a A:Platform64 site
  -o           : Remove a A:Platform64 site
  -r           : Refresh A:Platform64 site configuration by rerunning the setup process
  -u           : Upgrade A:Platform64 Ansible collections to the latest version in Ansible Galaxy
  -l           : List available playbooks
  -n           : Run playbook
  -t           : List sites
  -k           : Add node


  -h           : Show usage info


  -b Root      : APlatform64 root path. Default: /opt/ap64
  -d Var       : APlatform64 var path. Default: /var/opt/ap64
  -g User      : APlatform64 user name. Default: ap64
  -s Site      : Target Site. Defaul: site
  -x Host      : Target host for playbook run. Default: all
  -p Playbook  : Name of the playbook to run
  -e Collection: Collection name for the upgrade option (-u). Default: all
  -f Package   : Collection package file (-u). Default: none

Common Use Cases

Install A:Platform64

/opt/ap64/ap64 -i

Create Site

# Create the site 'prod'
/opt/ap64/ap64 -c -s 'prod'

Update Site configuration

# Update configuration files for the site 'lab'
/opt/ap64/ap64 -r -s 'lab'

Upgrade A:Platform64 Collections

/opt/ap64/ap64 -u

Describe A:Platform64 Playbooks

# List available playbooks for the site 'dev'
/opt/ap64/ap64 -l -s 'dev'

Run A:Platform64 Playbook

# Run the playbook to setup dev workstations in the site 'dev'
/opt/ap64/ap64 -n 'hello_world' -s 'dev'